Friday, June 7, 2013

Jackhammering, Tainan Style/台南式ドリル/在臺南手提鑽的用法

People in Tainan love flip flops.  It seems like everyone wears them all the time.  This is understandable.  It's pretty hot here, and lots of people ride scooters.  If you ride a scooter (or a bicycle!) in the hot, hot heat, wearing flip flops instead of shoes and socks seriously makes your body about 5 degrees cooler.  I've even taken up the flip flop habit, and I'm someone who never used to get wearing flip flops in public.
However, there really should be a limit.  The guy above is a good example.  Maybe it's hard to tell, but he's got a jackhammer in his hands there, and he's using it too.  Uh, guy?  I think that's a little dangerous.  You might want to try out a good pair of work boots instead.

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