Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sub-Tropic-of-Cancer Decadence/北回帰線以下の生き方

I hadn't thought about it up until now, but I realized that I hit a major landmark in my life when I came to Tainan last month; I am now for the first time ever in my life south of the Tropic of Cancer!

This means that I am living somewhere where at two points during the year we will have days where the sun appears to be directly overhead at solar noon.  (Given our position only just a little below the Tropic of Cancer, I assume those days will be right around the summer solstice.)

Now, I'm sure all of you are thinking that this geographical fact is extremely interesting, but perhaps you cannot see its relevance to my daily life.

Let me put it to you simply: I can go swimming in the ocean in mid-October.

There's a nice beach (not super fancy-nice, but pretty good) in the city, on the western side of Anping.  Despite this being a city of just under 2 million people, almost no one was there when we went after class, though admittedly it was a Tuesday afternoon, so that may have had something to do with it.







 Some German guy made this structure.  It's survived at least one major typhoon, much to the credit of the industrious German people.  It's just for hanging out in.  There are chairs and stuff.


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