Monday, October 22, 2012

Clever Ideas

If you've ever traveled, perhaps you've encountered something clever that you don't see in your own country.  It's clever enough that you see it and say, "Well that's a good idea.  We should have that too!" but it's a minor enough thing that you can also kind of imagine why it hasn't spread to other places.  It's not that it's not a good enough idea, it's just that it's the kind of thing that flies under the radar is all.

The cup tops like the one pictured above are a good example of one of those things.  When you get a drink at most tea places here in Taiwan, they use a machine to affix a plastic seal over the cup.  When you want to drink, you stab your straw through the top with as much or as little caveman rage as you desire.

What makes this clever is two things.

1)  The cup is spill proof until you stab through it, so if you're getting something to go, you can just toss it in a bag and not worry about it.
2)  The thin plastic cover, while still wasteful of plastic, is probably less wasteful than the usual drink tops made of hard plastic that we have in the US.  (They have the hard tops here too, usually at fast food places, but tea places tend to use the above type of top.)

So yeah, not earth-shatteringly amazing, but still a pretty good idea.




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