Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Neat Stuff/よかアイディア、第二編






I was in Taipei this past weekend, and I came across this token when I rode the subway there.  It's plastic, but it has some sort of data holding capabilities.  If you actually live in Taipei, you probably have a card that you use for the subways, but for a tourist like me who buys one ride at a time, you instead use these tokens.

When you enter the gates, you touch the token to the same spot on the gate that the cards use.  The gate beeps and lets you through.  On the way out, you insert the token into a slot and forget about it.

Because these are hard plastic, they can be used over and over again.  This reduces the waste you would have with paper tickets.  Additionally, since you just touch the tokens on the way in, there are no moving parts like you have with ticket machines that have to grab a ticket, pass it through and spit it out again on the other side.  This probably reduces the amount of repair needed for the machines.

I wonder if any other cities are using these?  It's a pretty good idea.

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