Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dasi at Night / 夜の大渓 / 夜晚之大溪



Dasi (大溪, pronounced "dah-shee") is a fancy little town in the foothills of southern Taoyuan City (桃園市) just before you get to the real mountains even farther south.  The town was an important trading post in the days before railroads, and it continued to be prosperous even after the railroads were built due to a thriving wood industry, probably as a result of it being near the mountains, and therefore near the raw materials needed.  The town's old center has an amazing collection of Baroque buildings.

I was here at night to get dinner, but I also walked around a bit and enjoyed the ambience of the town in the dark.  It's quite a tourist town, but it still shuts down rather early.  (Maybe 6:00ish or so?)  There was no one around when I was there, which was fine with me.  The ornate buildings, made more dramatic by the shadows cast by streetlamps, and the eery quiet made for a really cool situation.



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