Friday, May 29, 2015

Guoshenggang Lighthouse/国聖港灯台/國聖港燈塔


I'm not done with lighthouses!  On the same day that I went to Anping Lighthouse, I also went to another lighthouse in Tainan, Guoshenggang Lighthouse.  This lighthouse is the westernmost one on the main island of Taiwan, actually, it's the westernmost point on the island period.  The are around it is totally flat and filled with manmade ponds that are used for raising fish.  Historically there was also a lot of salt production in the low ponds here, but I don't know if they do as much of that now.  It's a great area to spot birds that live in coastal wetland areas.



And here it is!

只是這個而已。沒有以前我去過的燈塔那麼浪漫感。's not quite as charming as some of the previous ones.


It was really sunny on this day.


The area nearby looks like this.


And that's about all there is to say about that.


Some big temple I spotted on the way back to central Tainan.  I feel like it's a general rule in Taiwan that the closer a community is to the sea, the more temples they have.  (And the bigger and more decked out those temples are.)


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