Thursday, October 10, 2013

Go West, Young Man!/足摺岬へ/到足摺岬

I apologize for the Manifest-Destiny-laden quote, and I assure you I neither support genocide, nor the theft of native people's lands, but I did in fact go west after I left Kochi Castle.  Then I went wester.  And westerer and southerer.  All the way to the point southest in Kochi Prefecture, Ashizuri Cape.  But first, some final shots of Kochi City that I took on the way out.


An Anpanman trolley!  Anpanman is mostly unknown in the US, but is a hugely popular, long-running book/cartoon series in Japan.



Greened trolley tracks
Here we are on the road.  We stopped here for lunch, where I saw this poster made in the style of a Japanese politician's campaign poster.  Disappointingly, no one in a fish-mask is actually running for office in Japan.  This poster is put out by the tourism office of the town we were in.  Kochi doesn't have much land for farming (which is a dying industry in Japan anyway) and the other major industry, fishing, is not the money-maker it used to be, so they are putting a lot of effort into the tourism sector of the economy nowadays.

 Japan is a land of tunnels.


A plaque and statue commemorating John Manjiro.   Go read about him right away.  He had a fascinating life.  He was born into a poor, fishing family, but through a freak accident he ended up being a major player in the opening of Japan to the outside world at the end of the Edo period.  Seriously, go read that link now.

 Once again, we didn't give ourselves enough time to get to our destination, and it was pretty dark already when we got there.

 Kochi faces the rough Pacific and has lots of grand vistas like this.


 If you squint, this photo looks much better.
 Once again, cats in the parking lot.
 Dinner!  No, not these fish, different ones.  These ones just looked on as we consumed their brethren.
After this, we drove back north to Ehime.  It turns out that Kochi really is pretty rural, and if you are driving late at night, there are almost no gas stations open.  We managed to finally find an open one as the last fumes in the car ran out.  Fun times.  Next post, fun in Ehime!



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