Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tainan at Night Selection/台南の夜

Reminder: Taiwan's Legislative Yuan is still occupied by student protestors.  It's been about a week now.  Once again, I'm going to link to Michael Turton's excellent blog, where he has already collected a lot of links to recent news and commentary on the situation.


Here are some photos I took a while back of different places in Tainan.  The only uniting feature of the photos is that they were all taken at night.


Tainan is filled with little food stands run by some guy and maybe his wife helping.  This stand was one of them.  They specialized in beef dishes.

Yeah, I took these photos quite a while back...


Dinner.  This was taken at a restaurant specializing in turkey dishes.


A bridge over the Yanshui River in Tainan.


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