Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunny Tainan Photos/晴れた台南の写真/臺南的晴天照片

It's been rainy heavily here for 4 days already.  The typhoon we had on Thursday has passed us and is currently battering Japan, but the rain still hasn't stopped.  Because of this non-stop rain, I'm going to put up some sunny photos of Tainan--taken from the back of a scooter--that I took back in the beginning of the summer on a trip to the local Costco.  This is for me as much as it is for any of you reading this blog.  I need to be reminded that the sun can indeed shine here in Tainan.
 Some Taoist temple.
 Costco's scooter parking lot.  Scooters are very heavily used in Tainan, so there are lots of parking lots for them.
A police station.

Ah, the sun!  The white fluffy clouds!  The blue sky!  Maybe one day we'll see them all again.

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