Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Done with Rain/晴れが戻って来た/晴天回來了

The rain is all done and the sun is shining again!
I read the New York Times on a regular basis, and as is usual around this time of year, there are all the articles talking about how now that Labor Day has passed, it's starting to feel like summer is over.  It's interesting because I can vividly picture that feeling in my head, having experienced that end-of-summer-but-fall-hasn't-quite-started-yet period so many times in my life, but there isn't the slightest hint of it here.  It's still hot.  It's still humid (though maybe temporarily a bit less so now that the typhoon and its rains have passed.)  And there's no reason to expect this weather to stop anytime soon.  Taiwan may have four seasons (just barely, I'm still not sure if I can be pressed to count the "winter" they have here as winter) but with how far south it is, the balance is all off and summer seems to last about half the year.  Not that I'm complaining.  I'll be happy if I never see another flake of snow again in my life, outside of weekend trips to Maine or Hokkaido or somewhere where I can experience a couple of days of briskness before scuttling back to warmth.

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