Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rising Dragon Severed Bridge / 龍騰断橋 / 龍騰斷橋


I went to Meow Lee 苗栗 again.  It was quite a few weeks back, but I'm pretty far behind on uploading photos at this point.  This time I rented a bike at a place in Tye Joung 台中 and drove north.  The bike shop was ok, but too expensive.  I would recommend using the place I mentioned before in this post.  (It's about as easy to go to Meow Lee from Sheen Jew 新竹 as from Tye Joung.)  The first place I stopped at was Sunny 三義, a town in the mountains known for its wood industry.  But I wasn't here to see wood.  I wanted to see brick.  And bugs.



Actually I was here for revenge.  I wanted to see Long Tung Dwahn Cheeow in the light since my last visit ended up being way too late in the evening.  Here it is!


Pretty cool.


Big spiders aplenty


Ants doing ant stuff



Another bridge nearby.  This one was used until fairly recently.  The line that went through this area didn't cease regular service until the 1990's.  The bridge itself is unimpressive, but it gives you some nice views of Longtung Bridge.


More bugs


I ate lunch here, in the town of Sunny.  Hakka food is the best food in Taiwan.  And this place was a pretty good Hakka restaurant.


A wood carvings store in Sunny with a resident cat.


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