Friday, July 24, 2015

North Pole Temple/北極殿/北極殿


Here are some photos from the "North Pole Temple" in Tainan.  It's an odd name, but my translation is not incorrect.  It's called that because the god enshrined in the temple is the god of the north, and of cold, and stuff like that.  The temple is an old one; it was originally completed in 1665 by Jheng Cheng Gung after he had defeated the Dutch and driven them out of Taiwan.



It's an interesting temple not only for its historical significance, but also for its design.  It's very dark.  Now, it's true, I was there at night, but that's not what I mean by dark.  What I mean is, the color-scheme used for the temple is very dark and subdued.  This is in stark contrast to most temples in Taiwan which are bright enough to be seen from space with a blindfold on.  I like it, and I think it's a lot classier this way.



Usually columns like this would be bright red, but in this temple they're black.


Admittedly, the dark look to the place is helped a lot by coming at night.

It's a neat temple, check it out!

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