Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weird Fruit at the DMV/交通局にあった変な実/在交通局奇怪的水果


I went and got my motorcycle license recently.  To American ears it probably sounds more impressive than it is.  Our image of motorcycles is over-sized Harleys driven by scary men covered in tattoos and leather.  But in southern Taiwan scooters are the main form of transportation for most people.  There are far more scooters than cars, and most of them are diddly little 100 cc affairs, just big enough to zip around town comfortably on.  Everyone drives them, even little old ladies who hug the right side of the street and only go about 10 miles per hour.



At any rate, while I was at the DMV, I noticed some trees they had planted were bearing weird fruit.  I have no idea what these things are.  Anyone know?



There were also some trees that had nut-like fruits that reminded me of betel (areca) nuts.  Actually, I really think that that's what they are.



Seeing as betel nut is a mild stimulant, this made me wonder if the Virginia DMV in the US has rows of tobacco plants growing out in front of their offices.

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