Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gates (Neither Bill, nor Melinda. Big South and Little West)

I took this picture on the Cheng Kung campus and put it up on Facebook a while ago without realizing what it was:
 The other day though, I walked by and realized it says "Small West Gate".  (小西門)I finally made the connection.  It's one of the old gates from Tainan's past.  You might remember that in a previous post I went to "Big South Gate":
There's at least one other gate still remaining in town.  I saw it somewhere in town in the middle of a traffic circle, but it was night, so I didn't get a photo of it.  There used to be 14 gates back in the day apparently.  I saw this map in a museum the other day, and it shows at least some of the gates.

 The only thing that puzzles me is why the "Small West Gate" is so far to the east.  (Our campus is on what I think would have been the eastern side of the original city when the gates and walls were still being used.)  I wonder if it wasn't moved to campus to preserve it?

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