Friday, September 7, 2012

此れ何でしょう? Can you guess what this building is?





"Well, this must be one of Tainan's many historic buildings, some of which date back to the Dutch colonial period and are therefore done in a sort of western style."


But maybe you figured that out.  Something's fishy about this building.  Yeah, it looks kind of western, but like a movie prop or something.  I don't think there's any architectural style in the history of western architecture that this fits into, unless there's a name for those suburban houses you see sometimes that have lots of faux-marble statues on the front lawn.

From what I heard, this building used to be a restaurant.  Interestingly enough, it's now the Tainan City Immigration Office.  No, really.  I don't know how much credit I have with people who know me--perhaps almost none--but whatever I do have I will place it all on the table now.  This really is a city government building.  I am not lying.

Actually, when you go inside the fun doesn't stop.  On the one hand, they have one of those ticket machines with the numbers, where you take a number and they call it and you go to the desk with the digital display that has your number above it.  They have the row of desks with people in government uniforms filling out papers.  But the decor inside still has this kind of movie-set, European mansion feel to it.

Wouldn't going to the DMV be more fun if it looked like this?  I might just go every day.


  1. Cool, Graham! And yes, I too would make it a point to go to the DMV daily if it looked like that, although this might be a fickle statement as I just finally, after years of enduring the service, moved my checking account from the beautiful and historic Apple Bank bldg. to the sterile Chase bldg. around the corner in order tp take advantage of the free stuff and the international profile. Still...

  2. ラブホテルねえ(爆笑)。でも、言われてみればそう見える。日本人だったら、お役所の建物にこういう派手な建物は使わないね、絶対。日本人と台湾人、似ているようで、案外メンタリティは違うのかも。面白い写真ありがとう。