Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog on the Tracks

Tainan Station is the main station for Tainan, one of Taiwan's five biggest cities.  It's also a home to some dogs, apparently.
 I've put up some pictures before of dogs wandering around on Cheng Kung's campus, but it's not just the campus that has dogs wandering around.  There seem to be lots of stray dogs all over Taiwan.  They're mostly very friendly and calm, and many of them look well-fed, so they aren't feral dogs really.  I think people may kind of look out for them, and maybe it's even the case that some people have "outdoor dogs" the same way some people in the US have "outdoor cats".  I'm not entirely sure.
 I saw this guy while waiting for a train at Tainan station.  He came wandering over to say hi, and then a station employee came by and sort of stomped his foot at the dog in an attempt to make him go away from the track right next to the platform where the train was about to pull in.
A very obliging dog.


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