Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Junghwa Huhmay Mansion / 陳家の黙園 / 陳家默園




Here are a couple of photos from a trip to Changhua (彰化).  I went to the town of Huhmay (和美) to see this mansion.  There doesn't appear to be any info in English, but according to the Mandarin Wiki page, it was built around 1928.  This type of Baroque-style mansion was popular during the Japanese era, so this style isn't particularly rare, however, this is probably the best example I've seen in Taiwan.  This house is in very good shape.  It appears that it is still lived in, so that's probably why it's in such good shape.

Search for "Chun Family Moa Yooen" (陳家默園) if you want to visit.  You can only look at it from outside the gate though.  It's near where road 139 and 139甲 meet, on Huhtswoah Road (和厝路).



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