Friday, March 18, 2016

Fongyooen Lighthouse / 芳苑灯台 / 芳苑燈塔



It's that time again!  When I was in Changhua (彰化) recently, I took a trip out to the coast to Wonggong (王功漁港) fishing port to see Fongyooen Lighthouse (芳苑燈塔).

This lighthouse is quite tall.  It's the second tallest in all of Taiwan, and the tallest on the main island. It's not an old lighthouse--it was only built in 1983--but it's not an ugly, metal skeleton like some newer structures are.  They also went and painted it with spiffy white and black vertical lines.  I don't have much else to say about it, but it was a beautiful, sunny day when I went, so enjoy the photos!




The sign here claims that this lighthouse is the tallest, but a book I have that introduces all of the lighthouses in Taiwan says that this one is the second tallest, after Moodoeyoo (目斗嶼燈塔) Lighthouse on one of the Pescadores Islands.  Also, the Chinese version of the sign makes it clear that they are talking about the island of Taiwan, not the nation, so I think they just forgot to put in "island" on the English version.



You can just see the lighthouse's reflection.



There are lots of windmills in the area.


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