Saturday, April 26, 2014

Old Army Barrack?/元陸軍の寮/陸軍營地

There's this old building that I've passed by a million times, and the other day I noticed that there was a small stele in front of it.  I don't know any details about it, but it appears to have been an army building back in the day.  Maybe a barrack or something?  It's on the south side of Gongyuan North Road, just to the west of Tainan Park.  Actually, looking at a map online, I realized that there's a big section of green in that area (in other words, few buildings and many trees) so there may have been an army base of some sort here in the past.  I took a couple photos of the lot on the side of the road, but there isn't much to see aside from what I assume were at one point handsome brick walls.


"Army Camp"  No details given.

The wall and door to the plot.
Inside the walls, there are now lots of trees growing up.  I wrote "building" at the top of this post, but there actually doesn't appear to be any building left now.  Just the walls and gate.

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