Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late Night Karaoke/夜中のカラオケ


I went to Karaoke last night again.  Karaoke is pretty popular in Taiwan, more so than the US.  However, there's an interesting habit that the college students here seem to have.  It surprised me the first time I encountered it.
The first time I went to Karaoke with Taiwanese people, we were discussing what time we should go, and one guy suggested 3 am.  He jokes around a lot, so I just thought "Yeah, right, we're going to go at 3 am.  Very funny."  However, I quickly realized from the discussion afterwards that he was being serious.  It turns out that since the Karaoke places are open all night, they charge cheaper prices if you show up early in the morning.  That's the time when most people are finishing up their singing, so it's kind of dead time for them.  College students all over the world having fairly open schedules, and being the lovers of bargains that they are, it's pretty normal for a group of students here in Tainan to go to Karaoke at 3 am or whatever.
I never encountered this in Japan, though admittedly I didn't hang out with college students much.  I mostly went to Karaoke with coworkers, some of whom were in their 50's, so not surprisingly, we didn't tend to start anything at 3 am.  I really don't know if college students do late night Karaoke in Japan as well.  I don't really think that college students in the US do this though.  Karaoke just isn't as popular in the US.  I don't think I ever went even once in college, certainly not at 3 in the morning.


  1. So, any photos/videos of you doing karaoke?

  2. カラオケで何歌ったの?ほかのみんなどんな歌を歌うの?


    1. みんな台湾の流行っているポップスの唄を歌う。私はテンポーの遅いバラッドにある程度付いていけるけど、一人で歌う時はやっぱり英語と日本語の唄を選ばないと。