Saturday, December 8, 2012

Drinking Water and Failure at Life/飲料水、また人生自体を失敗する人

I'm in the middle of cramming for a test on Tuesday.  If I do well on it, I can get delicious cash payments every month for the next six months.  Unfortunately for me, some of the stuff in the test is stuff I haven't studied yet, so I'm in the midst of going over the chapters in the textbook I haven't done yet in the hope that I'll at least be sort of familiar with that stuff when it comes up on the test.  Actually, thinking back on it, I think this may be the first time in my life I've ever crammed for a test.  It kind of sucks.  I don't know how people I knew did this all the time in high school and college.
At any rate, I'm taking a break from studying, so I'll introduce you to the exciting world of drinking water machines!  We in NYC rarely think about the fact that delicious, potable water comes out of our taps, fresh from the Catskills upstate.  It's pretty cool.  However, it's not like this everywhere in the world.  Even in the US, while tap water is considered potable just about everywhere, in some places it tastes a lot better than in others.  And outside the US, tap water is sometimes not meant for drinking.  In Taiwan everyone recommends that you not drink the water.  It's not horribly dangerous or anything.  You can use it to brush your teeth, you can even drink it if you want, it's just not recommended that you use it as your primary source of drinking water.  For that we have machines like the one above.  Public buildings, like the ones at the university here, just about always have these.  My dorm also has one on each floor.  It dispenses water in three flavors: cold, hot and boiling.  That last one means it can be used to make instant ramen, the easiest of foods on this earth to make.
And yet, what do we have here?  Look carefully at the two photos.  Do you see instant ramen noodles scattered about?  What we have here is the ultimate in Failure At Life.  Some guy--in college, possibly graduate school--went to the machine to make instant ramen, and was unable to do so without experiencing failure.  Look at the photos again.  There's failure everywhere, scattered all over the machine's drain and the floor in the form of instant ramen noodles.  How do you fail at instant ramen!?  If you can't make instant ramen right, then what can you do?  Anything?  (At the very least, if you're a moron and get noodles everywhere, could you at least clean up after yourself?  Or call your mom and have her come down and do it for you.)

At any rate, thank you for reading my kvetch.  I need to get back to studying now though.


  1. "I don't know how people I knew did this all the time in high school and college." =>In Taiwan, it would be "all the time from elementary school to college" (sigh)

    Couldn't agree more with you about this instant noodles and failure of life thing. And you know what? Some guys in THIS college even sh*t on shower floor while the toilet is just around! 我還在這裡唸書的時候就常在BBS看到這種抱怨的文章,到現在還是有住在學校宿舍的人會遇到這種事...很誇張吧!