Thursday, November 15, 2012

Porco Rosso/紅の豚


I took these pictures of this coconut tree at the pond where I often practice sanshin.  Coconut trees are pretty tall, so I actually never noticed before that these trees were coconut trees.  It's kind of dangerous really.  There are two of them around the pond, and it's a pretty area with lots of benches where people hang out.  If anyone were to be standing under one of these trees when the fruit fell...  From what I understand, coconuts are pretty dangerous really.

On a totally unrelated note, I decided recently to start watching cartoons in Chinese to help my listening ability.  I watched "Porco Rosso" today.  It's one of the Ghibli movies, and the only one by Ghibli's most well known director, Miyazaki, that I've never seen before.  I didn't know what the story was ahead of time, so it was probably not such a bad test of my ability to understand.  Unfortunately, I didn't pass.  I doubt I understood even 50% of what was said, though since it's a movie I of course still knew what was going on for the most part thanks to the visual component.  But still, I did better than zero %, so that's good.
Actually, I remember watching another Ghibli movie, "Howl's Moving Castle" when I was studying abroad in Japan in college.  At the time I didn't understand much of that movie either--though in my defense, the plot was pretty tangled in that one to begin with.  I later on saw it again in Japanese though and was able to understand all of it, so it's just a matter of time and continued effort, right?


  1. Yes! You will succeed! Keep up the good work. (I am a little bit biased, I admit!)

  2. P.S. And don't sit under that coconut tree any more or you might never become fluent in Mandarin!

  3. 「紅の豚」を中国語で見て50%もわかったら、チョーずごいのでは?

    1. いや、でも言った意味は内容の50%分かったんだから、言葉自体はもっと少なかっただろう。もし映像がなかったら殆ど分からなかった気がする。