Friday, April 5, 2013

Quemoy Day 2: Blurry Evening Photos/金門二日目:基本的に夜に撮った写真は下手くそ

Quemoy Trip, Day 2 Evening:
After returning to the main town of Jincheng, we went to the bus station where there is an entrance to a tunnel under town.  Why is there a tunnel?  Well, basically, it's a very large version of the bomb shelters that are all over the island.  The tunnel under Jincheng is about a kilometer long and connects most of the major buildings in town like the city hall and the high school.  It was built as part of the island-wide defenses that were made in preparation for a PRC invasion.  Actually, I feel I should mention here, not only was physical infrastructure like this put in place, but also the entire island was mobilized.  The island was under direct military control until the 1990's (!) and normal citizens couldn't go to and from the island.  All of the islanders were also arranged into battalions based on the town they lived in.  The very old and very young just trained in running away, but everyone else was expected to be able to pick up a weapon and fight.  This is how immediate and real the possibility of invasion was to the islanders in their every day lives.

The next place we went was a military-related building built during the Qing Dynasty.  I don't remember much about it and it was too dark for me to get very good pictures.

These patches below, which feature fanciful renditions of many different animals, both real and imaginary, were insignia used by Qing soldiers.  (I think.)

The next place we went was to this street called "Mofan".  While Quemoy, unlike the island of Taiwan, was not controlled by the Japanese (excluding a brief period during WWII) the buildings here are built in imitation of Japanese Taisei style buildings.  Apparently.  I'm just parroting what I heard though, I don't really know what I'm talking about.

Finally, the last place we visited was this "Juguang Tower".  It was built by the nationalists to remember the motherland (mainland China).
The telephone's design is such that the white parts are the characters for Quemoy's name.

That's it for day 2.  There's still more to come though!

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