Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hospital Design/病院のデザイン

The photo above is of Tainan Hospital.  I had to go there the other day for a health check that is part of applying for a resident visa.  I wasn't sure where the hospital was, and I probably wouldn't have found it if not for the signs.  The architectural style doesn't mesh with my preconceived notions of what a hospital should look like at all, so I totally overlooked the giant building at first when I was still on the road in front of it.  I had to literally follow the signs to the front door before I realized, "Oh, this is the hospital!"
While I was inside I noticed something else interesting too.  On the map of the hospital, along with the x-ray department, and the internal medicine department, etc, there was also a "Chinese Medicine Department".  Traditional Chinese medicine is still widely practiced in Taiwan, and it's such a part of the society here that hospitals will have a section devoted to it, and the national health insurance will cover the costs for it the same as any other medical care.
Visiting this hospital gave me a bit of a "I'm not in Kansas anymore" moment.

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